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  • C – Central Government
  • S – State Government
  • P – Parliament
  • L – Legislature
  • E – Executive
  • SL – State Legislature
  • SLA – State Legislative Assembly
  • SLC – State Legislative Council
  • CAA – Constitutional Amendment Act
  • CFOI – Consolidated Fund of India
  • CFOS – Consolidated Fund of State
  • BS – Basic Structure  


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Referred Sources

  • IGNOU MA Notes
  • Political Theory by O P Gauba
  • Global Politics by Andrew Heywoods
  • VP Verma – Modern Indian political thoughts
  • Internet


Paper 1

Section A: Political Theory & Indian Politics

  1. Political Theory: Meaning & Approaches [FREE]
  2. Theories of the State
  3. Justice
  4. Equality
  5. Rights
  6. Democracy
  7. Concept of power, hegemony, ideology, and legitimacy
  8. Political ideologies
  9. Indian political thought
  10. Western political thought

Section B: Indian Government & Politics

  1. Indian nationalism – Perspectives
  2. Making of the Indian constitution
  3. Salient features of the Indian constitution
    1. Principle organs of the union government,
    2. Principal organs of the state government
  4. Grassroots democracy
  5. Statutory institutions/Commissions – Link 1 | Link 2 | Link 3
  6. Federalism – Link 1 | Link 2 | Link 3
  7. Planning and Economic Development
  8. Caste, Religion and Ethnicity in Indian Politics
  9. Party system
  10. Social Movements

Paper – II

Section A: Comparative Politics & International Relations

  1. Comparative politics [FREE]
  2. State in comparative perspective
  3. Politics of representation and participation
  4. Globalisation
  5. Approaches to the study of international relations
  6. Key concepts in international relations
  7. Changing international political order
  8. Evolution of the international economic system
  9. United Nations
  10. Regionalisation of world politics – EU, ASEAN, APEC, SAARC, NAFTA
  11. Contemporary global concerns

Section B: India and the World (Dynamic Portion = Need GS Membership)

  1. Indian foreign policy
  2. India’s contribution to Non-Alignment Movement
  3. India and South Asia:
  4. India and Global South: Africa, Latin America, Leadership role in the demand of NIEO, WTO Negotiations
  5. India and Global Centres of Power: USA, EU, Japan, China and Russia
  6. India and the UN system
  7. India and the nuclear question
  8. Recent developments in Indian Foreign Policy

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aspirant cse
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Yogendra gujjar
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Sanjana A R
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anurag rai
4 months ago

Hi.. what books do we need to read with these psir mindmaps, for the political theory part…

4 months ago

Sir also plan something for Anthropology also (One of the most common optional subject)

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Ritu Raj
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