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One-Stop Solution

No more multiple sources! IE is an one-stop solution with inputs from best sources.

Learn/Revise FASTER

Our approach helps you remember and recall information 10X better & faster than conventional paragraph based reading

Track progress

You can track your progress and performance from your dashboard


You can add your own notes and it'll be saved in our database forever

Interlinked notes

Static topics are connected with current affairs which gives you updated info right away

Social groups

You can connect and discuss with your fellow members regarding different topics

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  1. Will I get previous mindmapstoo if I join any of these plans?

  2. Sir..Is it possible to add our own points in the static mindmaps?

    1. Yes. There is an “Add Notes” button on every page that is visible after you log-in. Click it to add notes and it’ll be saved in our database forever. To read them, just open that page and click that button again.

  3. If I take subscription will I be able to access past content?

    1. Your membership is currently active = you can log in without any issues. Try clearing your browser cookie/cache and login again. It’ll work.

  4. If I have renewed my plan now , when will it activate? Today or after expiry of current plan. Coz I don’t want to lose remaining 2 month’s period.

    1. Today itself. But renewal will add extra months rather than replacing months of the current plan. So you will not lose months of your current plan. Rest assured. But upgrade would replace the current plan’s validity.

  5. Sir
    Is there any mechanism for evaluation of the answers of the questions that you provided under “test yourself”?

  6. Your CA prelims are awesome ….. Please do continue this initiative..

  7. I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND thesemindmaps…☺️
    #Hardwork n it’s best?..ByTheTeam #IAS EXPRESS..
    #ThankYou Sir

  8. before your mindmaps reading, we have to read any standard books ? or simply read your mindmaps to score good marks in objective question paper for state public service commision exams.

    1. You can read our mindmaps for the first read itself as our mindmaps explain concepts better than books itself in a simple manner. But it’s better to keep the book beside you to refer to any topic that are confusing to read in the mindmap format.

  9. Respected Sir ,
    The content and linking with current events is awesome.
    will we be able to select and copy the content for my note making ?

  10. I am appearing for some other exam and want to only access mindmaps for two months. Is there any cheaper option than gold membership?

  11. sir from silver to gold can i just upgrade ? with just 1000 or do i have buy again?

  12. Will the members be able to download their mindmaps in pdf or any other formats ?

    1. No. It’ll be hard to maintain + will be costly for you if you purchase individual subjects (worth Rs. 599 each for 16 subjects). Also, static & current is interlinked, so a single gs membership provides access to all gs content which is more user friendly and value-added.

  13. Can I download the content after joining the membership?

  14. Sir I want past 1 year Current affairs in pdf format that I can print

  15. sir, i joined bronze membership today , now i want to upgrade it in gold. can i do it.

  16. Sir, I have paid for political science mindmap but it is not showing in my account

    1. Sorry for the inconvenience. We have received the payment and approved your membership manually. Please check your account again. Thanks.

  17. Hey…I am a new member in this platform . Hope I’d learned to the better and for clear any doubts .

  18. Sir , I want to ask u if I join gold membership.then till which date I will access membership for how many months ? Will i able to access previous month’s ???

    1. Till 6 months from the date of purchase. You can access Everything even the previous months mindmaps and magazines also until the expiry

  19. Sir please cover issue of Shadow pandemic ( related to women).I have mains .will u ?????

  20. Hi, I bought 3 months membership last week. How can I upgrade it to 6 months? Thank you

  21. if i join now in dec ,for GS 1 year progrm , how many previous monnths access will i get??

  22. Optional Membership is sufficient for answer writting ??

  23. I am unable to subscribe the anthropology optional.!! whenever I go for pay for order payment is declined by your bank message is shown on the screen.

    1. If Razorpay gateway doesn’t work for you, then select Instamojo gateway and then proceed to pay. If both doesn’t work, then the problem is with your bank server or your bank account.

  24. Sir I have taken subscription for one month but am not able to open any thing here it’s again asking for membership

    1. There is an error at your end. But we’ve received the payment. So we’ve manually approved your membership. Please check again.

  25. If I purchase a subscription then is
    I’m available to download the pdf of all the mind maps for my future reference?

  26. Can I take printout of mindmaps after buying your subscription

    1. Please check “Note & Offers” section and also the product page.

    1. Under BUY SUBSCRIPTION heading in this page >> look for anthropology product >> Click Choose Validity >> Select your option >> Add to Cart >> View cart >> Create account and billing details on checkout page >> Payment >> Subscription approved automatically.

  27. Will i be able to see only the mindmaps of the subscribed subject or the details explanation of the topics of that subject too?

    1. Detailed explanations or notes are provided in the format of interactive mindmaps for easier understanding and revision. Please open the samples once and you’ll realise that there is more info than the standard books. All the best.

    1. It’s just like when you registered first. Click “Add to Cart” under the subscription >> View Cart >> Proceed to Pay. That’s it.

  28. Sir I purchased the course…my money deducted…but it said it is not successful

  29. I want to buy mindmap Courses but confuse which course is mindmap

  30. Hello aspirants! Important points to note:

    1. No download option/pdf provided. All contents can be accessed only via our website/app.
    2. You can log in with 2 simultaneous devices/browsers.
    3. Subscription gives access to past, present, and future content till expiry.
  31. Hai just now I paid to access mindmaps but in course it is saying no course chooses. But I have chosen GS mindmaps

    1. Hi Shruthi. It seems like a technical error with the payment gateway. However, we’ve manually approved your order. You can access your courses now. Thank you.

  32. I paid for the Public Administration course, but my course is not active even 30 mins after the payment.

  33. Sir, my account was deducted twice while taking the PSIR course from IAS Express now. Kindly tell me, How can I get my 2nd payment amount?

    1. We’ve checked. Only one payment has been captured by the payment gateway. Duplicate payment will be refunded automatically in 5-7 working days.