Blending Methanol with LPG PlanPREMIUM 

Reading Time: 2 mins The government is thinking of a plan to sell LPG blended with methanol, which could facilitate reduction in its cooking gas subsidy by 1/3rd of its current prices.  The plan is to manufacture methanol from abundantly available low-quality coal and other bio resources, and also produce it synthetically. The project would be implemented by the NITI Aayog.

India’s First Drone Use Policy – An AnalysisPREMIUM 

Reading Time: 6 mins Recently, the Union Ministry of Civil Aviation came up with the guidelines for drones that seeks to create opportunities in the Indian civil aviation sector. The government has established a regulatory framework for drone operations including commercial usage. The regulatory framework will come into force from December 1, 2018. It is the date from when civilian use of drones becomes legal in India.

[Premium] Low Participation of women in STEM fields

Reading Time: 3 mins A recent survey points out that the women participation in the STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering and Medicine) is only around 14%. This suggests that many of our best brains that showed the maximum potential do not pick research as their career.