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Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict upsc essay notes mindmap

[Updated] Armenia-Azerbaijan Conflict – All You Need to Know

The 6-week war in Nagorno-Karabakh has been brought to an end following the signing of the peace agreement brokered by … Read More
terrorism in france upsc essay notes mindmap

Terrorism in France – All You Need to Know

“I may not agree with what you say, but I shall defend until death your right to say it” is … Read More
Amid the border tensions, India and China negotiated a much-needed action Plan to reduce tensions on the sidelines of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. With the help of Russia which played the common ground, both the countries have tried to find common ground and have been in talks for several rounds now under the action plan

Five-Point Action Plan on India-China Border Standoff

Amid the border tensions, India and China negotiated a much-needed action Plan to reduce tensions on the sidelines of the … Read More
Importance of Foundational Agreements in Indo-US relations

Importance of Foundational Agreements in Indo-US relations

India and the US have done away with one more layer of hesitations of history when they recently concluded the … Read More

Gilgit-Baltistan and India’s sovereign and strategic interests

India-Pakistan relations remained strained due to the issue of the Jammu and Kashmir region. The recent Pakistani decision to hold … Read More

Multilateralism in 21st Century: Challenges, India’s role

As the world is struggling to contain the current and next waves of the pandemic, the world order is undergoing … Read More
India-Central Asia relations upsc essay notes mindmap

India-Central Asia Relations – Significance, Challenges, Way Ahead

Despite being economically and politically weak, Central Asia is playing an important role in international politics due to its geostrategic … Read More
Technology Cold war

Technology Cold War: Causes, Effects, Way Forward

The World is set to witness another cold war in the 21st century. The 5G technology and race to dominate … Read More
Featured Image of Drug Abuse in India

Drug Abuse in India – Everything You Need to Know

The COVID-19 crisis has exposed our fragility, with health systems strained and social safety nets stretched to the limit. The … Read More
Alternative dispute resolution in India

Alternative dispute resolution in India

The Already burdened courts with a huge pile of cases to be heard along with the current COVID-19 induced break … Read More

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Rajesh 6
Rajesh 6
1 year ago

It is very useful for basic concepts and mains answer writing.

1 year ago

thanx a ton for making life easier…i am highly elated… feeling like i found some treasure, lot of clarity, lot of learning, time saving, less distraction (in terms of collecting material from this source and that source), its commmmendable job _/\_

9 months ago

It’s a very useful study materials

mahendra kumar mahala
mahendra kumar mahala
1 month ago

Thank you TEAM IAS EXPRESS, to provide me Expressway for revision and static consolidation for upcoming IMTIHAAN,,,

1 month ago

Sir , in international relations mindmap everything is covered as per upsc syllabus or not? Pls reply sir

vikash kumar Chauhan
vikash kumar Chauhan
2 days ago

Thanku santosh sir

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