Indian Society & Social Justice Notes (Mindmaps) for UPSC - IAS EXPRESS

Indian Society & Social Justice – Mind Map

  1. Salient features of Indian society [FREE]
  2. Diversity of India
  3. Population and associated issues
  4. Role of women and women’s organization [NEW]
  5. Poverty and developmental issues 
  6. Urbanization, their problems and their remedies.
  7. Impacts of globalisation on Indian Society 
  8. Social empowerment
  9. Communalism
  10. Regionalism
  11. Secularism
  12. Role of NGOs, SHGs & various groups, associations, donors, charities, institutional and other stakeholders
  13. Vulnerable sections – Schemes, Mechanisms, Laws, Institutions and Bodies
  14. Issues related to health, education and human resources
  15. Recent developments 

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Referred Sources

Hello readers, welcome to the mind map of Indian society and social issues ( GS I & 2 ) provided by the IAS EXPRESS. There is no specific book for covering the entire syllabus of the subject, you can cover the syllabus by referring basic book, previous year question and fuel it with current affairs related to subject. IAS EXPRESS simplified your journey by providing mind map of the subject which has been prepared from the best sources

Referred Sources:

  • Class Xll NCERT: Indian Society – Download Now
  • Class Xll NCERT: Social Change and Development in India – Downoad Now
  • NIOS: Secondary Course in Social Science – Download Now
  • Social Problems in India by Ram Ahuja – Buy Now
  • The Hindu , PIB, Yojana

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