Supercomputers & National Supercomputing Mission – How will it help fight Coronavirus?

Recently, the Union Ministry of Science and Technology has informed about the progress of the National Supercomputing Mission. India has produced just three supercomputers since 2015, less than one per year on average, under the National Supercomputing Mission. This is in stark contrast to China, which in the last six months had added 8 more supercomputers, increasing the number to 227. The Indian Government is planning to install three more supercomputers by April 2020 and 11 new systems will likely be set up in different IITs, NITs, National Labs and IISERs across the country by December this year. The main reason behind India’s slow progress is the lack of funds during the initial years. Now, the project has gathered momentum due to the government’s support and its realisation of the technology’s potential in addressing problems faced by mankind.

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