Mega Food Park Scheme – Need, Features, Advantages, Issues

Reading Time: 6 mins The food processing industry in India is a sunrise sector. India’s food ecosystem provides huge opportunities for investment, innovation, employment. The government of India through the ministry of Food Processing Industries is devoted to improving the food ecosystem through various schemes. The Mega Food Park scheme is one such important scheme.

Food Fortification in India – Why is it Necessary?

Reading Time: 6 mins

The Union Budget 2019-20 saw an increased focus on food fortification. India is currently suffering from nutrition insecurity despite the progress made in food production capacity and food security. Regardless of all the poverty alleviation and food security schemes, currently, 38% of children under 5 years are stunted, 36% are underweight and 21% are wasted (too thin for their height). This is a sign of acute under-nutrition. Furthermore, 59% of women and 53% of children are anaemic. The government’s intervention to address this issue is a need of the hour.