Code on Wages Bill 2019 – Why is it a Game-Changer?

Reading Time: 6 mins

On 23 July 2019, the Code on Wages Bill was introduced and passed in the Lok Sabha. This bill, if made into law, will improve the standard of living of about 50 crore workers across the nation and provide legislative protection against labour exploitation, which is a problem faced by the citizens working in the unorganised sector.

Capital Punishment in India – Should we do away with it?

Reading Time: 5 mins Updates *

There is growing support for abolishing capital punishment in India and it needs serious consideration since, on the other side, there has been a nationwide outrage over the series of incidents of sexual assaults of minor girls, like the one in Kathua. The Supreme Court itself admitted on many occasions that there are confusion and contradiction on the application of the death penalty.

This article explains the following in an analytical manner with a mindmap for quick revision:

  1. What is capital punishment?
  2. What is the need for capital punishment?
  3. What are the arguments in favour?
  4. What are the arguments against?
  5. What is the evolution of the death penalty in India?
  6. Why India still retains it?
  7. What are the protections against capital punishment in the constitution?

[Premium] Prison Reforms in India – Critical Analysis

Reading Time: 4 mins Recently, the Supreme Court formed a committee on prison reforms headed by former Supreme Court judge, Justice Amitava Roy, to review the entire range of reforms to the prison system.

However, in the past the Justice A.N. Mulla committee as well as the Justice Krishna Iyer committee on women prisoners (both in the 1980s) was also established on the same context. There is no denial that there is some reforms have taken place, but there is a lot more could be done since even the basic human rights have not been received by the prisoners.