United Nations At 75-Need for Reforms

The year 2020 will have a unique distinction in terms of the United Nations as it has challenged the relevance of the UN system as it was never before. As the UN is in the process of celebrating its 75th birth anniversary, it also fights hard to be effective during the pandemic. The ever-present wedge was again at the display when the member countries struggled to achieve consensus on commemorative declaration making the 75th anniversary of the signing of the UN charter.

Globalization 4.0 – What does it mean? & How will it Affect India?

Currently, the world is facing many threats like climate change, isolationism, global conflicts, unemployment, poverty, and inequality. Simultaneously, with the advent of the Industrial revolution 4.0, the world is also facing exciting changes like the emergence of self-driving cars, 5G networks, etc. However, the Industrial Revolution 4.0 has its downside. It is argued that, if the change is not addressed properly there will be negative implications like a further increase in unemployment and poverty crisis. The concept of Globalization 4.0 seeks to address these issues and promote inclusive and sustainable growth.

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