Official Language Issue in India – All you need to know

Language makes us human. During the process of natural evolution, the human brain acquired the ability to engage with the world primarily through linguistic transactions. The language issue is a prominent topic and major issue of the Post- Independent Indian consolidation. The trigger for this year’s language issue started with the Haryana Official Language (Amendment) Act of 2020 which imposed Hindi as the sole official language to be used in lower courts across the State of Haryana, followed by the publishing of the draft Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) notification only in Hindi and English, and the three-language formula in the draft national education policy.

Shadow Pandemic – Meaning, Challenges, Way Ahead

With the coronavirus pandemic roiling across the world, most of the government measures focus on containing the spread of the infection. In this situation, social issues, many of which are gender-related, are given lesser priority. This, along with the lockdown orders, has led to increased instances of violence against women, creating a new “shadow pandemic” amid the COVID-19 crisis.

Terrorism in France – All You Need to Know

“I may not agree with what you say, but I shall defend until death your right to say it” is one of the most profound arguments for freedom of speech and expression. This quote has never been more relevant than under current circumstances when a series of Islamic terror attacks in France has reignited the debate between freedom of speech and blasphemy. These attacks were a response to an offensive depiction of Prophet Mohammad by a satirical magazine. The recent terror attacks and the freedom of expression and religion followed in France have spilled over to the international arena, with several Muslim majority countries like Turkey, Pakistan, Malaysia and others criticising French President Macron’s strategy to reform Islam in France in accordance with its constitutional principles.

POST-PANDEMIC RAINBOW NEW DEAL (RND): Meaning, Dimensions, Way Forward

After the European Union and the USA spelled their plan for a new green deal, it is important that India incorporates a green program that tries to minimize environmental degradation and provide a more sustainable growth model. The Pandemic is a golden opportunity to consider the idea of Rainbow new Deal put forth by some environmental activists.