Technology Cold War: Causes, Effects, Way Forward

Reading Time: 9 mins The World is set to witness another cold war in the 21st century. The 5G technology and race to dominate it has been intensified with the US-led West and China engaging in a multilayered competition. The US President has called for international blacklisting of Huawei which is right now leading the 5G tech research and implementation. Banning of Chinese Apps on the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic is the next step in line with the ensued cold war.

Russia-India-China Grouping – Issues, Challenges, Way Ahead

Reading Time: 6 mins Virtual meeting of RIC foreign ministers was held amid rising tensions in the disputed Ladakh region between India and China. Originally planned for March 2020 but postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the meeting was conducted as Russia’s initiative to mark the 75th Anniversary of the end of World War II, which resulted in the formation of the UN. The grouping has a high dependence on Russia’s close diplomatic ties with both India and China. While the Russian side maintained that it would not mediate between India and China, it also reiterated its support to India’s bid for permanent membership in the UNSC.

[Updated] Chabahar Port Project – Everything you need to know

Reading Time: 9 mins In 2019, Indian firm “India Ports Global Limited” took over operations at the Shahid Behesti Port in Chabahar, Iran. The representative of India, Iran, and Afghanistan met and finalized the routes for trade and transit corridors between the three nations. An event, ‘Chabahar Day’ was organised on February 26, 2019, to promote and popularise the potential of Chabahar port. Recently, the Iranian government took several decisions that may impact India’s Central Asian Strategy.

India’s Ban on 59 Chinese Apps – Consequences and Way Ahead

Reading Time: 7 mins The Indian government has banned 59 Chinese apps just two weeks after a violent border clash between India and China that led to the death of 20 Indian soldiers. Though the Indian government has not officially linked the app ban with the border dispute with China, public comments by government officials signify the same. Chinese app ban is one of the many economic retaliations of India in response to border dispute along the LAC. However, it has little impact on China’s influence in the India economy.

China’s Territorial Disputes: All You Need to Know

Reading Time: 11 mins China’s aggressive response to numerous territorial disputes comes at a time when the world is tackling the COVID-19 crisis. Against this backdrop, Indian and Chinese armies are locked in a bitter standoff in several locations in eastern Ladakh for the last few weeks. It is evident that the Chinese regime is making use of the crisis to prepare itself for the post-COVID-19 world in which China’s popularity has gone downhill both at the domestic and international levels because of its response to the initial outbreak of the virus. Among these efforts includes its aggressive and illegal takeover of disputed territories and integrating Hong Kong under the totalitarian regime. Efforts must be taken to ensure international cooperation for addressing common issues of concern regarding Chinese aggression.

Quadrilateral Security Dialogue (Quad) – For Free & Open Indo-Pacific [Updated]

Reading Time: 9 mins Quad Plus, which includes Quad countries along with South Korea, New Zealand and Vietnam, initiated weekly video conferences since March 20 to discuss the common issues pertaining to COVID-19 pandemic. These discussions have brought Quad back into focus as one of the important groupings in the Indo-Pacific. While the expansion of the alliance to ensure international cooperation to deal with this crisis a step in the right direction, the ultimate objective of countering China’s aggression has been put on the backburner though Beijing has increased its hostility in the South China Sea and Sino-Indian borders.

Hong Kong Protests – The Fallout of One Country Two Systems [Updated]

Reading Time: 12 mins In order to prevent the repetition of the 2019 anti-government protests, Beijing has taken measures to block dissent to its full absorption of Hong Kong into China. It has tightened its grip on Hong Kong’s legislation and press and tracked down key activists who are campaigning for full democracy. The recent enactment of national anthem bill and the national security bill to further curb free speech led to uncertainty for the residents of Hong Kong. There was a huge surge in the protests after months of silence due to the COVID-19.

Taiwan – One China Policy

Reading Time: 9 mins Taiwan’s success in containing the COVID-19 infections despite being a neighbour of China, the original epicentre of the pandemic, has brought a spotlight on the island nation. The de facto independent nation has not been formally recognised as a sovereign country since it lost its “China” position to the Communist Party in Beijing. Many countries have called for Taiwan’s increased participation in international platforms like World Health Assembly because it emerged as the global exemplar. Yet, these calls do not bring in the intended results due to the One China policy. India, having taken charge as Chairman of WHO executive board, has found itself in a tight spot in this situation, with the growing hostility of Beijing and increasing demand for its support for Taiwan from close allies.

India-China Ties: History, Current Situation & Mamallapuram Summit

Reading Time: 10 mins

The informal summit was held between India and China in October this year in the coastal town of Mamallapuram also known as Mahabalipuram in Tamil Nadu. This is the second of such summits held between the two nations. In recent times, the informal summits have increasingly become an important tool to ease the tensions between the two rival nations and enhance the diplomatic relationship to prevent any future conflicts for the peace and stability of the region.