[Updated] Armenia-Azerbaijan Conflict – All You Need to Know

e 6-week war in Nagorno-Karabakh has been brought to an end following the signing of the peace agreement brokered by Russia. After the signing of this pact, it is evident that Azerbaijan is the clear winner as Armenia was forced to concede several of its territories to its rival. Two other countries became unlikely victors in this conflict – Russia and Turkey. Both these countries have ensured that they had a key role to play in this conflict, leading to their presence growing in South Caucasus.

India-Central Asia Relations – Significance, Challenges, Way Ahead

Despite being economically and politically weak, Central Asia is playing an important role in international politics due to its geostrategic location and abundant natural resources. Many countries like the US, Russia and China are competing to make their presence in the region. India’s interests have also increased, mostly aimed at reducing Chinese influence in the region. Yet, India’s relations with the Central Asian countries are hampered by geography, economic constraints, security concerns and red-tapism. Addressing these issues would enable India to gain access to one of the most strategically significant regions in the world.

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