India-ASEAN Relations: Evolution, Challenges & Recent Developments

Reading Time: 8 mins Recently, India had dropped out of the RCEP deal since the outstanding issues like India’s major trade deficit with countries in RCEP, lack of assurances on market access and the other nations’ insistence on keeping 2014 as the base year for tariff reduction was not addressed. These above-mentioned issues can lead to negative effects on the Indian farmers, MSMEs and dairy sector. This incident reflects India’s limitations when it comes to the diplomatic ties with the ASEAN nations despite the recent efforts taken through the Act East Policy. Addressing the existing issues with the ASEAN nations is vital for India’s national interest.

India’s Act East Policy – Meaning, Objectives, Challenges & Opportunities

Reading Time: 8 mins

Several changes were made in the foreign policy of India in 2014 when the new government was formed. Act East Policy was one of them. Since its enactment, it has come a long way in improving India’s ties with various nations in East and Southeast Asia and Indo-Pacific. However, since its enforcement, circumstances have changed. China’s influence is challenged by various aspects like the trade war, regional tensions in China, an increase in protectionist policies, etc. India needs to make use of this situation to enhance the Act East Policy to its advantage to counter China and improve its economy through trade with East and Southeast Asian nations.

India-Myanmar Relations: Challenges & Way Forward

Reading Time: 6 mins

India and Myanmar have recently signed an MoU after holding talks on a range of issues on joint military exercises and training provided to Myanmar Defence Services in India, joint maritime security surveillance and cooperation in new infrastructure projects. These talks are of vital importance given the growing influence of China in the region.