About IE Mindmaps


IE Mindmaps are the mindmap notes that covers current Affairs and the static syllabus of all the subjects – Polity, History, Geography, Culture, Economy, Environment, Ethics & International relations. Mindmaps are made through the reference from both standard and advanced books and internet for additional analysis. Read the article – How to remember everything you learn? to get an idea about Mind Maps and other memory techniques.

Note: IE Mindmaps are not only useful for UPSC exam but also for other competitive exams (general studies) such as State PSC, RBI Grade B, Bank PO, SSC CGL, NABARD, NDA, TET, CDS, AFCAT etc.

How it will benefit you?

  • Big picture – You can take in the bigger picture quickly and easily at a glance with a mindmap.
  • Better recollection – The visual nature of mindmaps allows for easier recall.
  • Simplification – Mindmaps allow for the simplification of complex relationships between topics.
  • Structured – Just like each and every object in the world has a structure, a topic that you are reading also has a structure. But the traditional paragraph based reading cannot show you the structure unique to each topic.
  • Quick revision – Every point is organized and linked in a way that enables quick revision.
  • Creativity – Your creativity will get boosted as you can get big-picture easily with mind maps.
  • Interactive – IE Mindmaps are interactive i.e., you can collapse, expand, navigate around and search for a particular topic inside the mindmap. This provides for the active learning process and you never get bored. It is not possible in image or PDF mindmaps. You can read it with any device (Mobile/Tablet/PC). No software is needed.
  • Lecture + Self-study – As mindmaps are interactive and each node is opened by clicking them = it seems like someone actually teaching you (= more focus) & you will also get the same efficiency as that of self-study in terms of learning/retention.
  • Updated – Unlike pdf/image mind maps, IE Mind maps will be periodically updated by us according to the changing needs of the exam.
  • Question paper-based – Contents in the mind maps were prepared based on solving previous years question papers (both prelims and mains) = high chance of success in the examination.

Is it paid?

  • IE Mindmaps are premium content available for members.
  • With membership, you can access all Static Mindmaps, Current Mindmaps (Prelims), & Current articles (with mindmaps) (Mains) for integrated preparation.
  • Some Static Mindmaps & Current Mindmaps (prelims) with suffix [FREE] are free. Also, 50% of current articles (mains) are free. You can open them without any payment.






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