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Rare Diseases in India and Policy

The Government of India has recently notified the National Health Policy for Rare Diseases allocating Rs 4 crore to the … Read More
Inflation - Meaning, Pandemic's Role and Way Forward

Inflation – Meaning, Pandemic’s Role and Way Forward

In the pandemic era, when a lot of attention is being paid to the GDP growth of countries, inflation has … Read More

One Nation One Ombudsman – Objectives and Benefits

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) in a recent move has announced that it will be integrating consumer grievances redressal … Read More

Judicial Federalism – Meaning, Components and the Indian Context

Recently, the Supreme Court of India taking suo motu cognizance of some of the key issues related to Covid-19 management … Read More

Recognition of unpaid work – Importance, Benefits and Challenges

In the recent election season, people noticed numerous promises being made by politicians to woo the public. One of the … Read More

India’s Refugee Policy – Need, Challenges and Way Forward

Given the recent crisis in Myanmar and its numerous residents fleeing to India, it has been a difficult situation for … Read More

Censorship in Media – Causes, Effects and the Indian Laws

In a recent development, the Indian government through legislation has scrapped the Film Certification Appellate Tribunal (FCAT) with immediate effect … Read More

Mitochondrial Replacement Therapy (MRT) – Benefits, Limitations and Scope in India

With the rapid growth in science and technology, there has been a marked growth in emerging technologies. Various technologies have … Read More

India-Turkey Tensions – History and Grounds of contention

In a recent development, the Turkish government condemned the Naxal attack in Chhattisgarh in which 22 Indian security personnel were … Read More
Poverty in India: Reasons, Responses, COVID Update

Poverty in India: Reasons, Responses, COVID Update

Pew Research Center, using World Bank data, has estimated that the number of poor in India (with income of $2 … Read More

About IE Articles

  • This initiative started in August 2018 onwards.
  • IE Articles are like NCERTs of key current affairs issues.
  • It will give you a strong foundation of important current affairs topics through big-picture analysis.
  • They are prepared by analyzing at least 3-4 years of news from major news sources like The Hindu, Indian Express, Downtoearth, etc. It is because UPSC no longer asks questions from the last one-year news only + it requires candidates to have in-depth knowledge of important issues. So IE article is an initiative to satisfy this demand of UPSC.
  • Relevant links to other articles are also provided so that you will get a big-picture of issues surrounding a particular topic.
  • IE Articles will be useful to solve analytical/in-depth questions in Prelims.
  • It will be useful to solve almost all questions in Mains (Essay and General Studies).
  • It will be useful for writing excellent answers in mains (essay & GS).
  • Articles are written in a notes-based format with a question-answer-based arrangement = you can easily recall concepts in the exam/interview.
  • Mindmaps are provided for easy understanding and faster revision before the exam.
  • So regular reading and revising IE articles would be a game-changer in your UPSC preparation journey.
  • Please note that we only post one/two articles per week on important issues but with more quality and in-depth analysis. Because quality is more important than quantity in this exam.
  • We hope this initiative helps you crack the exam. All the best!!


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